Parel Beheer is specialized in the maintenance and management of immovable property and rental accommodation in and around Amsterdam, Utrecht and Haarlem. With us management of property for Associations of Co-Owners and rental accommodation is in safe hands.

We are now experiencing vigorous growth. We owe our success not to any convoluted corporate philosophy, but to our five certainties:

  • Certainty 1: we know all our clients personally;
  • Certainty 2: we keep our word. An arrangement is always an arrangement;
  • Certainty 3: we are transparent. No hidden costs and no surprises afterwards;
  • Certainty 4: we can always be contacted in case of natural disaster or unforeseen events, not just 9 to 5;
  • Certainty 5: we place your wishes centre stage; no single client is standard.

We care less about big contact, more about personal contact Рwith real consideration for the client. Which is why you can find our clients among the small to medium-sized Associations of Co-Owners and individual investors. But also shop owners wishing to outsource the administration of their rental income  and the maintenance of their shops.


We offer a broad range of services at very competitive prices to cater to all your requirements. You may be interested in:

  • Administrative/financial management;
  • Collection of outstanding payments;
  • (Planned) maintenance;
  • The creation of a long-term maintenance plan;
  • The establishment of internal rules;
  • The letting of accommodation;
  • The provision of loans to Associations of Co-Owners for major maintenance projects.

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