Dealing with problems

We will gladly help you with the approach to any problems you may be experiencing with holiday hire, including Airbnb, short stay and holiday hire. We work as follows:

  1. Inventarization of the problems, including on the basis of a diary logging the experienced problem. Click here for a format of the diary;
  2. Assessment of relevant documents of the Association of Co-Owners (Deed of Division, Minutes of meetings, Internal Rules);
  3. Production of a steps plan and advice to deal with the problem on the basis of points 1 and 2 above;
  4. Mediation, decision-making Association of Co-Owners;
  5. Legal measures, if any.

First advice

Keeping notes on the experienced problem over a rather protracted period is an important part of the approach. Meanwhile, on the basis of the documents collected in Step 2, we deliver extensive advice on the possibilities of the Association of Co-Owners in dealing with the problem. With that advice you can either get down to business yourself or instruct us to take measures on your behalf. For the execution of Steps 1, 2 and 3 we request a fixed fee of € 175.- incl. VAT; this does not include any costs in connection with the Land Register. After Step 3 you can choose whether to ask us to initiate a course of mediation or to assist the Association of Co-Owners in the making of the relevant decisions  and the steps to be taken against the tenants or, as the case may be, owners concerned.

Establishment of the Internal Rules

Does the Association of Co-Owners not have a set of internal rules? In these rules the Association of Co-Owners makes provisions concerning the use of the communal areas, it can cover all manner of issues, such as: can objects be left in the corridor? After what time of night must noise be kept down? Must you clean the corridor? Without established internal rules, you, as management of an Association of Co-Owners, cannot in fact address such matters. Parel Beheer can draw up a set of internal rules for you. We pass through the following steps:

  1. Inventarization of the owners’ desiderata: what must be included in the internal rules?
  2. Inventarization of the relevant documents, including the Deed of Division;
  3. Producing a draft; its submission to the management and owners;
  4. Production of the final version;
  5. Establishment of the internal rules in the meeting of the Association of Co-Owners.

We conduct this whole process for a fixed charge of € 400.-, including VAT, up to a maximum of 25 apartments. The charge is by application for larger Associations of Co-Owners.